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Meyer Optik Görlitz announces new manufactory in the heart of Hamburg

Date Announced: 18 Nov 2021

Bad Kreuznach / Hamburg, Germany – Meyer Optik Görlitz has announced the opening of a new production location, including visitable manufactory in the heart of Hamburg. 

"With the successful launches of the current lenses and the foundation of Meyer Optik Görlitz GmbH this year, we have built the basis for Meyer Optik's future," said Timo Heinze, Managing Director Meyer Optik Görlitz GmbH. "Until now, our lenses were assembled by a partner company in Hamburg. Although this was done to our complete satisfaction, it was our goal from the very beginning to handle this important part of the lens manufacturing process ourselves.

"So, we chose the Hamburg as location because, in addition to the assembling-process, we can also take on personnel from the previous partner company and thus have access to existing experience and expertise. At the same time, Hamburg offers many sights for photography, as well as very good travelling options, making a visit to Meyer Optik even more attractive," said Heinze. 

New location in detail 

The new lens manufactory of Meyer Optik Görlitz is in the Rothenburgsort district of Hamburg, close to HafenCity district. In the listed buildings of the so-called “Brandshof”, built in 1928, the manufactory of the traditional lens company finds an equally historic home. Like Meyer Optik itself, the location on the “Brandshofer Deich” will have a link to modernity with the Elbtower planned on the opposite bank.

The connection to photography is already given by the many sights in the direct vicinity, e.g., the “Oberhafenbrücke”, the headland at “Billhafen”, many other buildings suitable as motifs, and not least by the “Haus der Photographie”, which is within walking distance. Furthermore, the entire area will be further revised soon and become an absolute sight of Hamburg. 

Visitors welcome 

With the start of the new manufactory there is the possibility to visit the production of Meyer Optik lenses. An official opening ceremony will be held as soon as the Corona situation allows it within a responsible framework. Until further notice, a visit to the workshop requires a prior appointment request to make appropriate arrangements. In principle, interested parties can watch the handcrafted lenses being made and see for themselves how the lenses are produced.

The glass lenses, produced using state-of-the-art processes, will continue to be delivered to the new workshop in the Hanseatic city by Meyer Optik's sister company, OPC Optics, based in Bad Kreuznach. Likewise, the mechanical components will continue to be manufactured by well-known precision engineering companies in Germany. 

What follows? 

Over the course of the next year, a showroom will be created in the same building, where workshops and in-house events can be held in addition to exhibiting photographs. 

Meyer Optik's portfolio will be expanded this year to include the Trioplan 35 f2.8 II, which is currently in production, and variants of the Trioplan 100 II for full-frame mirrorless cameras with Nikon Z and Canon RF mounts. These will be followed by the Biotar 58 f1.5 II and Biotar f1.5 75 II, which are currently in the prototype phase. 

About Meyer Optik Görlitz 

Meyer Optik Görlitz has a long history as a German manufacturer of high-quality lenses. Founded in 1896, Meyer Optik Görlitz is existent for more than 125 years. The own lens production in Bad Kreuznach, the sourcing of the mechanical components from German partner companies and the production by hand ensure the best possible quality. In addition to this high quality, however, it is above all the unique imaging characteristics and creative possibilities that make the lenses - today as in the past - extremely popular.


Herr Timo Heinze
Meyer Optik Görlitz GmbH 
Mainzer Straße 32
55545 Bad Kreuznach
Phone: +49-671-8876970

E-mail: info@meyer-optik-goerlitz.com 

Web Site: www.meyer-optik-goerlitz.com

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