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Manufacturer optical lenses, filters, windows, mirrors, beamsplitters, prisms, waveplates, infrared optical parts, crystals, reticles, microlens array, phase plate and diffraction optics. China. 

DELN is committed to supply our customers with high quality products, competitive price, on time delivery and better service.

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Optical Coatings: SAR Coating, VAR Coating, WAR Coating, DAR Coating, SPR Coating, BPR Coating, LPS Coating, BPS Coating, DBS Coating, DPO Coating, DHR Coating, MHR Coating, More Filters Coating

Optical Lenses: Cylindrical Lens, Achromatic Lens, Double Convex & Concave Lens, Plano Convex & Concave Lens, Ball Lens, Powell Lens, Axicon Lens, ZnSe Lens, Sapphire Lens, Si Lens, Ge Lens, CaF2 Lens

Optical Mirrors: Dichroic Mirror, Dichroic Mirror Beamsplitter, Broadband Dielectric Mirror, Dielectric Laser Line Mirror, AL Mirror, Au Mirror

Beam Splitters: Beamsplitter Penta Prism, Polarizing Beamsplitter, Non- Polarizing Beamsplitter, Lateral Displacement Beamsplitte, Beamsplitter Plate

Optical Windows: Laser Window, BK7 Window, Fused Silica Window, ZnSe Window, ZnS Window, Ge Window, Si Window, Sapphire Window, CaF2 Window, BaF2 Window, MgF2 Window, Brewster Window

Optical Prisms: Light Pipe Homogenizing Rod, Equilateral Prism, Anamorphic Prism Pairs, Roof Prism, Wedge Prism, Rhomboid Prism, Brewster Prism, Dove Prism, Porro Prism, Corner Cube Reflector, Penta Prism, Right Angle Prism

Optical Filters: Colored Glass Filter, Dichroic Color Filter, Neutral Density Filter, IR Cutoff Filter, Shortpass Filter, Longpass Filter, Bandpass Interference Filter, PMMA IR Plate

Waveplates: Ture Zero Order Waveplate, Cemented Zero Order Waveplate, Dual Wavelength Waveplate, Low-Order Waveplate, Achromatic waveplate, Air Spaced Zero Order Waveplate, Optically Contacted Zero Order Waveplate

Crystals: Bonding Crystals, ND: YAG, Ti: Sapphire, Er: YAG, ND: Ce: YAG, Cr4+: YAG, Yb: YAG, YVO4, BBO, KTP, ND: GdVO4, ND: YVO4, LiNbO3, MgO:LiNbO3

Micro Optics: Reticle, Microlens Arrays, Phase Plate, Diffraction Optics


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