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19 Oct 21
Pitted metalens gives light holey orders

Harvard SEAS metasurface has deep narrow holes rather than raised pillars.

18 Oct 21
Mynaric and H3 HATS boost optical links with high-altitude aircraft

Claimed to be the world's first industrialized optical communications terminal for airborne applications.

18 Oct 21
Mitsubishi Electric launches CV Series of 3D laser processor

Orthogonal structure carbon dioxide laser oscillator enables rapid mass production of CFRP products.

14 Oct 21
Giant Webb scope takes final Earthly steps toward launch

ESA and NASA now preparing this long-awaited mission for launch on Ariane 5 from Europe’s Spaceport on December 18th.

14 Oct 21
Zeiss grows scanning footprint with Capture 3D deal

Optics and microscopy giant adds another 100 employees to its roster with acquisition of US firm.

14 Oct 21
Laser treatment said to rejuvenate vaginal tissue ‘no better than placebo’

Fractional CO2 laser treatments to cut symptoms of menopause might not work at all, suggest new trials by UNSW, Sydney.

14 Oct 21
Fresnel Institute microscopy platform reduces light dosage

Adaptive scanning scheme and algorithm control maintains resolution with improved photon budget.

13 Oct 21
On-board optics group sets up working group for waveguide interconnects

Consortium For On-Board Optics seeks ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ in development of board-level optical links.

13 Oct 21
US group develops optical quantum network in ‘real-world’ setting

ORNL, Stanford, Purdue demonstrate a QLAN with entangled photons over “Alice-Bob-Charlie” optical fiber network.

12 Oct 21
Lockheed Martin delivering AHEL laser weapon to U.S. Air Force...

...and Northrop Grumman contracted to complete the design of signals intelligence sensor for high-altitude surveillance.

12 Oct 21
Peak Nanosystems to expand again with $25M backing

Manufacturer of gradient index (GRIN) lenses attracts follow-up investment from Squadron Capital.

12 Oct 21
Subsurface fluorescence lidar pinpoints location and size of tumors

EPFL and Dartmouth College create detector array to spot fluorescent molecules in scattering media.

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